VM-test klassisk distans '99, del 2 (2015-07-13)
Kategori: Träning
Karta/område: Silvergruvan
Land: Sverige
Distans: Långdistans
Sträcka: 5.83 km
Tid: 38:00
The Swedish WOC 99 test race in long distance. My time 97.48, 4 minutes behind Johan Ivarsson. OK run, but not especially good in any way. Completely died towards control 21. Would probably have been beaten by myself on a good day with a few minutes... Lots of new green areas (around 1-2, 7-8, SW of 12, around 14, all the way to number 17) where I lost a lot of time compared to the 99-runners. According to Tomas Hallmén, who raced in 99 and but at tapes this year, my time was "very, very good", because of the new green areas (e.g. I lost 2 minutes just from 16-17 where I fought hard through the green).
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VM-test klassisk distans '99, del 2 (2015-07-13) VM-test klassisk distans '99, del 2 (2015-07-13)